Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thailand Visitors

Yesterday, my school had a few thailand guests coming to our school and it was also during our school holidays! I signed up for it... since i was interested in making friends, there were a total of 7 boys and 6 girls! Well whe we turned up at the library i met with more NE people, they were all so friendly... and i recieved many smses... cos i didn't noe drama was at 8.30 jacey told me it was from 2 to 5! since the NE thing we have to be there at 8.15 i was early and i reacieved the messages and i told biscuit, then we had abit of briefing and when the teacher was away i saw my drama juniors and i walked out of the library and said i can't go since i was bringing the thai students around... first we brought them to the conference room and we talked about our sch and such. i didn't noe that one of the sec one NE ambassidor was a thai! but it was fun, after the talk we gave them soyabean to drink and then we waited for awhile but one NE ambassidor named Edwin was so thick skin, tat when our teacher said it was alright for us to eat the snacks too he rushed to take a drink and the food. The after awhile, we brought them out to tour the school. the first stop was the lockers, i showed them my locker since i was the only one with the locker at the second level and then we went to the last block and we showed them around. Then we were running late so we went to the NE stairwell as quick as we can, and then we tried to rus but then the sec one girl had to talk in thai so long that we only did until the scond level, we brought them to the third level to look and take pictures, then we went to the hall to watch the syf performances. At 11.45 we were allowed to go to eat, we waited for the thai students to take their food, then we took ours and at that time biscuit showed up... then i talked to her awhile and then i went to get my food and call shu mei and then we talked for awhile at the canteen while we ate and then they left and we played truth or dare. then we brought them back to the library and ket them do the surveys, and then they gave us suvienors i didn't really talk to them but they gave to me... the two thai girls i understand, they bought for everyone but i dun understand why this one guy gave me one too, i didn't say anything to him at all! And then after that, they left and we kept waving goodbye to them. then we had a survey and we talked about how they felt to us and then we were dismissed! It was so fun on that day i made two NE friends, Lavon and Edwin who was called Edwina by another two girls cos he says he's a girl... lol!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day With My Frens

Today was like totally fun! Actually the later part of today was fun... in the morning when i woke up i read fanfic till 11+ then i got bored so i asked my mom if i could follow her to work then she agree and then i went with her to hougang mall and we ate pasta mania actually is only me cos my mom didn't want to eat since she ate... then i went home and then biscuit called me around 4.30 saying tat she reached li ting's house when we are supposed to meet at 5... then my mom fetched me there... after tat i went up to her house and then after we sit awhile then we go AMK Industrial Park to play i wore my skates there and they brought their badminton rackets to play badminton there... then after awhile it rained then we went back... on the way back i fell... cos there was the pathway and then i didn't noe there was a step cos it looked like a slope down and then i felll but i didn't hit my head only my leg got scratched... then i sit there awhile in pain and biscuit and li ting ask me question say sry... all those things and then the police officer came out to ask if i alright and if i need go hospital or something like that then i say dunnid.. and then i took off the rollerblades and then we walk back her house and then i saw the scratches and then li ting and biscuit went to get plaster for me... and then we went back and then after awhile we went to AMK Hub to eat and play arcade... we ate macdonalds and then we went to the arcade and then we played alot of games and we got 100+ tickets and then we only traded them for 3 mechanical pencils... then we left and then i went to the bus interchange and then beside me got one guy stare at my side then i look to the side and saw a woman there and then i stare at her cos i dunno wat she wan n then she just point then i ut down my leg... she very wat leh... nvr say anything how to expect ppl to noe... then after tat she and her fren/husband/boyfren i dunno keep looking over to me leh! Tat lady so ugly some more... her cheeks like those bull dogs cheeks then her make-up look so ugly then she look like a fish leh! Then she painted her toe nails like those brown but not brown colour then her shoe got those like sequins one leh! and her hand so flabby then the bus come... on the bus going home i was bored then i go hear music and then one stop before shaw plaza i saw a lady that walked in with a guy and she look like the 5C or isit another class i dunno la teacher Evelyn Seck leh! Got the curly hair, wear spec then face like hers oso height also the same leh! And then i went down the bus and then i went home then i going to read fanfic... tata ppl

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

English Paper and MR ONG PERVERT!

Lol mr ong not perverted only abit weird la... today we had our eng common test... then after that we went for recess then during science.... Mr Ong ask brenwin to go to the front of the class then ask him unbutton or something like tat.... then brenwin dun wan he say dunno wat then brenwin really unbutton his shirt... then Mr Ong took his 3 markers to draw on brenwin's body.... brenwin actually dun wan one... he say itchy but Mr Ong say not itchy one... then he draw the os something then he draw the stomach and the heart with black or blue ink not sure la... then the large intestine and small intestine i think with blue or black ink and then he draw the rectum with green ink i think... or maybe the coulours switched or the parts are wrong... i forgot le... then while he drawing brenwin sweat alot leh.... he sweat so much until Mr Ong have to use tissue to clean the marker to draw again... then it end then we went for MT class.... sickening the boysmake so much noise then we get in trouble leh.... we had to go to the parade ground at like around 12.10pm cos they so noisy... then we had to go borrow form other classes for their MT textbook or we have to stand... then finally chinese end... and then it was maths... today Miss Chung nvr scold us or make us stay back... SO HAPPY.... then we wanted to drag emo with us for lunch but we couldn't and then we went to amk library and then we went to KFC and we saw TAN EGG TAT and Brenwin and gang there leh... then we tok and tok then we went to popular and then we went home then when i reach home my sis at home cos she pon sch.... then i do my own thing, she do her own thing then she slp alot until now... she shld be awake at 11pm and then i so bored tat i walked around the house doing nth before typing this and then i dunno why today so tired... then i ltr go slp and everything else...

PS. I like one song called 'Miss Independent' by Kelly Clarkson... go hear the song very meaningful

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To all the Sec 1s I Know!

Hihi Clarice here!!! If you're reading my blog i nv update cos i always too lazy to update! keke! Good luck to all of u!!! Mei Yang, Joanna, Shana, Sheryl, Maggie, Geok Teng and Gerald, gd luck for exams! JYJY!!!! and if u read clara's blog, i'm her so called younger sis... lol and i did break up with ck.... and i hate ck officially.... he even asked me if i wan get back! Can't he wait! I still wanna be a single for now.... and he says it's a long time... like real! if i can stand it why can't he?!?!??! If he even a guy! Like tat also cannot.... sigh... no use getting angry with these kind of ppl.... Hope Everyone Enjoyed the Valentine's Day sweets i gave!!!! Hope everyone get gd results!!!! Everyone in NA try to promote to Express and Everyone in NT which is only Geok Teng jy go NA or Express!!! For those Express ppl, Stay at Express dun drop ah!!!! lol keke nth to type liao....

Friday, January 23, 2009

Drama Camp + Chinese New Year Celebration

Today in sch we had our Chinese new year celebration... the performance were the best part of the day... after assembly i went to Mr White's homeroom and we did oral there... i partnered estra ... i dunno how spell his name...then we talked then he left after the oral cos he didn't want to play the games.... then i went to tok to this sec 1 called Shana, then we beame friends and we played... we played "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar" Then we played a game i dunno wat's the name but then it goes like 7ppl stand on 5 chairs and we must pass the chairs to the front and move but we cannot step down, then we played a ballon game, we have to pass the balloon with our heads first then our stomach and then the score was tied so we used a small ball to decide, we have to pass the ball with our necks, so it was like neck to neck and in the end my team won!!! YAY!!! then we went back to the classroom and we took out our ties and blindfolded ourselves... and the seniors led us around the sch... then we arrived at one place and we played water balloon fight... one sec 1 named Cliff got soooooo wet cos evryone targeted him as he was very annoying... then we went to change and rest... then we played a game called suck the jelly... we had 2 teams and 2 jellys... in the end we lost... sigh sad... then we brought all our things down cos the auntie wanna lock the classroom door... then we played this candle game, we are supposed to blow out the other teams 'mother candle' and they are supposed to blow out us for them to win or for us to win... then we play until got violence so we stopped it but xue er cried and then we went home... i took taxi home then now so tired.... nite ppl

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Since yesterday during Home Econs teacher ask if i wanna be HE rap i said anything then end up have to print out the HE Holi homework for the whole class! Then I went to hawker eat then i went home... then i bathe everything then i print the holi HW till 10pm cos i have to edit my own one cos i dun have the copy then i slept too... then i ask clara help me edit!! then i print out the printer no paper 3 times leh n i always put one thich stack leh! then i also print the thigns for the HE brochure then i did it and the i watch love blossom n Little Nonya.... then i finish my work, print finish my mom came home then i ask her sign letter then we ate ice-cream and then i packed my things and at 11pm i slept then this morning i woke up at 6 then i went sch i forgot got pe until i halfway to sch so i go home and take then cannot sign in then after that got class then during pe take height n weight dunno why i grew shorter from 164 become 162.5 so sad then i 60kg leh! then clara ask if i wan go gym with her every sunday then i say i ask my mom then after sch i ask my mom if i can go gym n everyday afer sch can eat near sch then go home she say can... then for the gym thing she say ask wat time everything she say confirm first... then me, clara and mavis went to mos burger at AMK Hub to eat then after that i come home then i read fanfic then so tired now... gd nite

Ming kor kor's b'day!!!!!

Two days ago, we celebrated Ming kor kor's 26 b'day!!!! Me n My sister was woken up by our father at 10+ then we went to this restaurant to eat dim sum n ming kor kor always take picture of the food then huan kor, sean and hao kor kor keep distrupting him.... lol then very funny then sean play the bowling game on the phone he kept swinging the phone left, right, up and down leh! then sarah also join in... then after that we left... all of us except huan kor went into Ming kor kor's car which is sooo small... the adults thought we cannot fit but we did... Ming kor kor driving then my sister was beside him then at the back, youling jie was sitting on the left then me then sean then hau kor kor with sarah on his lap... then we went all the way to around chinatown there or something like that... then we went to the shop... when we went in, everybody was staring at us.... then the chef asked us to go to the other side of the shop to see the cake... the cake was cupcakes with the words "Happy 26th B'day Ming" and two sunflowers beside it... then we went to his house, cut cake, then we played rat-a-tat-cat... then everybody suddenly not playing i wanted to play this game called spore me n my sister made a cell n it grew then we took turns to play and we played till 7pm then we eat then me n sarah continue to play while the rest was playing fatal frame... when i went in my sis was the one with the controller... then they end the game so i left my sis play then i went to play rat-a-tat-cat with sarah n youling jie... then we went home at 9.30 and i rushed out the maths holi hw cos i printed it out not wrote it out... then i slept...